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Looking for a exceptional gift for yourself, your husband or a friend?

I offer private shootings in my style as well.

This phototherapy translates itself to a form of re-acceptance of one’s body.

The session takes place at your home or a venue you always dreamt of taking your picture.

Think of a beautiful hotel room, a garden or an industrial apartment.


Afterwards you will receive a series of digital photographs.

Up to you to print them how you prefer.

This private shooting takes up +/- 3 hours and costs 300€

(exl. extra costs like the rental cost or printing).





Aurélie E.
'Valentin is very professional and very comfortable to allow you to live the experience serenely. A way of accepting oneself and softening one's own look and judgment towards oneself. Before, during and after the shoot.'

Odile V.

'After receiving as a gift, a nude photo shoot, here I am part join Valentin in a hotel chosen by him. He provided him with a simple backpack and me some accessories. There is more than just ... Valentin put me perfectly at ease, no light or extra spot, all natural! Clicks scroll, positions according to our wishes, it shows as the great result, it gives even more desire! End of session, he promises a result in the month. Thank you for this experience!'

Aurélie D.

'Valentin's photo style pleased me with its colors, warmth and artistic eroticism. He quickly managed to put me at ease, my nakedness was quickly forgotten. As for the result, I could not believe to have such beautiful pictures of me, this body sometimes difficult to appreciate and love. I came out of this experience more confident, more woman, more beautiful!'

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